Abbott Elementary teaches and entertains

The cast of the tv series Abbott Elementary (photo courtesty of Harper’s

Nathan Danz, reporter

The television series Abbott Elementary shows teachers as compassionate and hard working, especially in underfunded schools. 

Abbott Elementary is an ABC Mockumentary set in an elementary school of the same name, in Philadelphia. The show was created by Quinta Brunson. Brunson also stars as the plucky, cheery, and oftentimes naive 2nd-grade teacher Janine Teagues. Teagues and her fellow school teachers/co-workers work together to teach their students in a grossly underfunded and under-resourced school, because they have a passion for teaching children.

While the show is fictional, it has roots in the creator’s own life. Brunson said in a CNBC interview that her, “mother’s experience teaching at an underfunded school gave her the idea for the show, as well as the desire to give back.” 

Brunson’s first-hand experience gives her the credibility to show the lives of teachers, as well as the hard work and dedication teachers put into helping their students learn. The show illustrates how creative and resourceful teachers have to be in this kind of environment. 

Teachers are some of the most important community members because they’re the ones to nurture and shape young minds. This show demonstrates the power and value of the community teachers can build for students when they have a common goal. Locking arms to deliver education (even in a challenging setting) can help students and teachers build a unique bond.

According to character Gregory Eddie, a teacher in the show, “Every day I can come in here and teach, I’m being held up by some of the most incredibly deserving teachers here at Abbott. This profession isn’t about being the best, it’s about doing your best. Being a constant for your students on the good days, the bad, the terrible. It’s the showing that counts.”