Eclectic looks on the Winnetka campus

Ruby Pan

Each morning, you wake up and make a conscious decision of what to wear. Some might throw on the closest hoodie and sweatpants and call it a day. Others may spend hours poring over every little detail of their outfit until they’re finally satisfied. 

In general, fashion serves as an outlet for self-expression. The choices made about an outfit, from the colors to the clothing style, can reveal quite a bit about someone’s values, hobbies, and interests. Whether it be in classes or the halls, you might’ve noticed someone wearing an outfit you find eye-catching. Here we feature some of those note-worthy outfits. 


In the commons before advisery on a chilly day

Daniel Bisuna, a junior, is wearing a Seoul de la Taco sweatshirt. Soul de la Taco is a Korean taco place in St. Louis that’s “so good I just had to get a sweatshirt.” He’s wearing a collared button-up underneath, khakis, and a necklace made with a ring that his mom gave him when he was one. He points out his Nike blazers, emphasizing that “these are new shoes—I had to get the outfit right.”








In the commons during 3rd period

Lia, a junior, is wearing a brown thrifted v-neck from Crossroads in Evanston, noting that she really likes neutral colors. She’s also wearing baggy overalls from Free People: “I like being comfortable but not wearing just sweatpants—overalls are a nice in-between.” She’s wearing jewelry made by a friend and white platform Converse because “I’m short and need all the height I can get!”








In the commons before advisery on a cold, rainy day

Johnny Homma (@johnnyhobos), a junior, is wearing Claire Barrow x Heavn tee. He emphasizes that “that joint $75.” He has paired a True Religion jacket, especially notable because it is no longer being sold, and “random jeans I just found in my closet.” He finishes the look with Miu Miu shoes, noting that “these joints comfy.”











In the commons before advisery

“Billy” Hokin (@_willhokin), a junior, is wearing a Zara bomber jacket, a Supreme x Futura tee, and Viktor jeans that are “quite baggy.” He pairs this outfit with panda Nike dunks. Accessories include a watch from the Philippines, two rings that are “probably handcrafted by little kids in the Philippines,” two other rings that are gifts, and a chain from TJ Maxx.








In the commons during 5B 

Elyse Newlands, a sophomore, is wearing black Lululemon leggings, New Trier Swim & Dive Under Armour boys shorts, a NTSD white tee, a NTBSD sweatshirt, and running shoes. She would like to make it very clear that “I would never wear this on a normal day of school—I’m just wearing this for ‘dresslike-your-coach day. I’m dressing like Coach Guy.”