The salary Harbaugh deserves

A Michigan man, Jim Harbaugh


Photo courtesy of ESPN

Michael Batson, Sports reporter


Although 1201 Main Street is currently covered in a thin white sheet of snow, nor have the Winged helmets been worn in quite some time, there is already much to talk about surrounding the University of Michigan football program.

While Jim Harbaugh spent the first few weeks of the off-season following an annual tradition, flirting with leaving Michigan to follow his lingering dream of coaching in the NFL , he came back to Michigan… again. Let me make this clear, I am happy Harbaugh is staying, but we need to lock him up for good.

Currently going into the 2023 season as it stands, there are eleven head coaches making $9 million or more in the upcoming season, but not Harbaugh. After two straight Big Ten championships, college football playoff appearances, and thrashing of you know who (OSU)for the first time since 1999-2000, you’d think he’d be on that list. To make matters worse, 6 of the 11 coaches on that list, including Ryan Day, Brian Kelly, Mel Tucker, Jimbo Fisher and Josh Heupel, are all currently banking their hefty salaries, but only have one conference championship combined for the six of them.  Harbaugh has two in a row.

Harbaugh’s eyebrow-raising low contract is caused by a paycut he received after the 2020 season. During the “Covid Year,” the team went 2-4 and backed out of their game vs Ohio State. Harbaugh was given his last chance in 2021, a prove-it-or-lose-it year, and Harbaugh delivered with his best season yet. Michigan hasn’t got back to paying Harbaugh what he deserves. Harbaugh likely feels disrespected and may continue to want to look elsewhere after dominating his conference and bringing his alma mater to the forefront of College Football.

 In my mind, a lifetime contract for Harbaugh is due. I think Harbaugh deserves a seven-to-ten-year contract earning him $10 -$11 million after his recent success.  Although a lot of money for some to swallow, this would quickly fix the issue of rumors that Harbaugh wants to go to the NFL. Let’s not kid ourselves, what is this football program and what’s the direction it’s heading in without Harbaugh?