Freshmen enjoyed their first year, but now are ready for summer


Nathan Danz, Staff writer

Since our first year of high school is almost over, I spoke to 5 freshmen in terms of how they felt about the year ending, the PSAT tests, and summer vacation.


ND: How are you doing near the end of the year?

Connor Sullivan: “It feels great to be near the end of the year because school can be exhausting for me with all the homework, tests, quizzes, and projects.”

Adam Tynkov: “Glad that school is almost over, but a little stressed out about finals and my current grades.”

Mandy Bingham:  “I am quite sad the school year is going to end because I feel like I’ve been able to get out of my comfort zone. I feel confident about  this year, but I’m looking forward to what the other New Trier has to offer.”

Amelia Karrys: “Very tired. I also feel like there is a lot to get done before the end of the year.”

Ava Thomas spoke about how she feels about going to the Winnetka campus next year: She’s “nervous about making friends. I mean, starting at a new highschool makes me really anxious.”

ND: At this point in time, how do you feel about where you are academically? Do you think you’ve been appropriately challenged by your courses?

Ava: “Overall, I think I’m doing well in my academic classes. I’ve gotten good grades and stuff. School has been kinda stressing me out recently. But overall I’m fine.”

Adam: “I feel pretty good about where I’m at right now. I think that I was definitely challenged by my courses.”

Mandy: “At this point in time… I’m doing great! I do all my homework and do my best in every class. I think i’ve been appropriately challenged. I’ve learned so much, especially in math because I can learn new problems and facts. I love a good challenge.”

Connor: “I would say so, yes. Some classes are harder than others as expected. But I feel like I’ve been learning more at NTHS than I have in past school years.”

ND: What do you want to accomplish before the school year ends?

Amelia: “Finish setting up springfest and getting people to know about it (it’s happening and its on May 25)

Adam: “I want to get all my grades up to a B+ or higher.”

Connor: “I would like to raise my grade in certain classes and get better at homework completion.”

Ava: “I just want to pass freshman year.”

ND: How did you feel about the PSAT test?

Adam: “I feel pretty good, I think I did well on it.”

Amelia: “I felt good about it. I probably did better on that test than the test before NT.”

Ava: “Super draining. I didn’t like it.”

Connor: “I didn’t really enjoy them, nor dislike them. I just did them to the best of my ability, that’s all.”

Mandy: “I feel that the PSAT’s were definitely stressful but I felt like it was worth it. I feel that way, because I got to be challenged.”

ND: Now that the school year is ending, what do you plan on doing over the summer? 

Ava: “I am hoping to go to camp. Maybe get a job, if I can.”

Amelia: “I plan on taking camps at the Mudlark Theater. Next year, I’ll possibly get a job there.”

Mandy:  “Going to my Lake Michigan house, taking lots of runs, taking a cooking class and biking on the trails in my town. Also I hope to write some of my novels and short stories, as it’s my favorite activity.”

Adam: “Going to space camp for a week, then I’m doing fencing summer training for a while, then I’m going to get a summer job.”

Ava:  “Excited to hang out with friends, and (maybe) get a summer job.”

From these students, we can conclude that these kids feel good about how the year has gone, and are looking ahead to summer.