The Attack Still Stings

Stella Dale

Less than a month later after an attack on one of the nation’s most prized buildings, the U.S. Capitol, people are still pondering about what it meant. 

January 6th marked an event in history that will forever go down as one of the most controversial and political attacks on society. The importance of masks dissipated, when thousands of Trump supporters gathered for a rally, regarding Joe Biden’s presidential election. Supporters marched down Pennsylvania Avenue, where the U.S. Capitol resides. Congress was beginning to count the electoral college votes from the past 2020 election, to then formalize Biden’s victory. Little did Congress know, an attack on the Capitol was coming, and it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Several hours were spent looting, rioting and vandalizing the Capitol building, a place where federal laws are made, and secure decisions are officiated. Put into lockdown, everyone in the building was put into “quarantine” in the Capitol. Vote counting was put on hold, and it was becoming a danger for people inside and outside the building. 

The attack raises questions from people like, why is it so easy to get inside? Wasn’t there supposed to be more security? Why couldn’t Trump supporters accept loss? Who started it? Who wanted to storm the capitol? 

Security on the capitol might be lacking, but many are hoping now it will tighten up. NPR described, “The Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was a security failure, an intelligence failure — or both.”  Security enforcement is not something that should be short on any level, especially the federal level. The FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Security Advisor, and Homeland Security. All groups and services that serve the federal government in times of crisis. Were these groups on vacation during the attack?

Attackers at the Capitol building on Jan 6th 2021. VIA The New York Times

Why was there hardly any defense against outsiders? Many questions take over my mind and the minds of many others. 

Along with encouragement of still rioting during the attack, people were also physically violated and abused. When people don’t cooperate, violence is not the answer. Lots of rioters and attackers were not cooperating, which is why violent actions like tear gas and guns were involved. Because people didn’t follow federal orders, tear gas was thrown at many Americans, and unfortunately five people died. Sadly, people care about their politics and their democracy so much they are willing to risk their lives because Trump lost. 

Straight to Tik Tok, many teens and millennials started making memes, jokes, and comparisons about the capitol attack. Some are saying there are restaurants in Chicago that are harder to get into than the Capitol. Let’s hope not.